Using RAS/VPN Server with ADSL Modem



I am trying to set up my Windows 2003 Server to act as a VPN Server accepting
client connections over the Internet through my ADSL internet connection.

Problem is the RAS set up is not recognising the ADSL modem as my second
network adapter and therefore is only setting up RAS over the Ethernet NIC.
The ADSL modem is functioning properly and is connecting to the internet, and
has no problems shown in device manager.

Surely RAS/VPN works with ADSL modems? Has anyone set up RAS/VPN with a
modem or know what the problem could be?

Bill Grant

RRAS workd with interfaces. An ADSL modem is not an interface, and
doesn't have an IP number. If it is a PPPoE connection, use the PPPoE option
in RRAS. If not, set up a demand-dial interface to act as the public
interface for RRAS and link that to your Internet connection..


Purchase a Router, I use a Linksys from Cisco Systems connect the WAN network
socket to the modem, set the Router for PPPoE, ISP login name and password
then set Port Range to server IP address and port 1723.
Play with it to learn more.

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