VPN connections



I am running Win 2k Server with Win 2k pro clients, with an external ADSL
modem router.
My server is a domain controller but DHCP is not enabled on my server or my
router, all client pc's, server & router have fixed IP addresses.

I want to setup a VPN connection to my server from an outside pc.
When I configure the connection using RAS & routing wizard, after the
service starts - all my client pc's lose connection with the server.

Where am I going wrong?



To begin with, running RRAS on a DC is a big security risk if you don't
properly secure your RRAS box and it is compromised then you will be exposing
your AD to the web..! big mistake.

Are you running this RRAS box with 1 network card or 2, if you only have 1
card then I guess that you are assigning an an external (public) IP address
to the card, which when starting the RRAS service is then causing the card to
be on a different subnet, hence you will loose all communications to this box
from the clients.

Further info on the setup of your infrastructure is required to assist

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