VPN RAS link speed slow and/or fluctuates



We have a machine setup running Server 2003, ISA and acts as our RAS server.
The problem is outside users complain of a slow or being dropped from a VPN
connection intermittantly. Our ISP has been in and has done a check from the
their router (Cisco 1721) out and has verified that everything is working
well, this is a dedicated T1. When VPN users are dropped we in the office do
not lose connectivity to the internet so our ISP link has not been lost, we
can log our connectivity to veriify that. The server has 2 NICS, one to the
LAN and the other directly to the router. In Task Manager under network
performance there are 3 interfaces listed;LAN, ISP and RAS dial-up interface.
The LAN and ISP NIC's are listed as a 100 mbps connection. The RAS link speed
varies from 28k to 3mb. This link speed is a direct relation to the
performance the VPN users experience. We cannot figure out what is making
this link speed fluctuate. The number of connections, which is no more than
6, does not help or hurt performance. We have tried several different NIC's
with the same results. From other postings, which were unanswered, the 28k to
3mb window seems to set by RAS. If anyone has an explanation or solution to
stabilizing the link speed we would greatly appreciate it. Thanks. Is there a
2003 RAS/Routing group? It did not show up in the drop down.

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