VPN RAS Server adapter speed?



I am connecting from a W2K machine to a XP machine over
the Internet via VPN. I then use NetMeeting to work on the
XP machine. All of that works ok, but the screen refresh
speed is horrible. I looked in Task Manager on the XP
machine under the Networking tab, and it shows the RAS
Server Adapter (dial-up) is a 28.8k connection!

My W2K machine has cable Internet and the XP machine has
DSL. Both connect to the Internet via LAN. Neither machine
has a dialup connection selected in the VPN connection

Where is this adapter speed setting at and how do I change
it? I should have a fast, great connection with fast
response times in NetMeeting.

I've searched the Microsoft Knowledge Base under XP for
RAS Server but can not find any information.

Thanks for any input!


I'm reposting this message in 'Working Remotely' as that
seems more appropriate. Thanks...

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