Internal Network( -->SVR NIC1(>SRVR
NIC2( Modem( Modem---VPN Client

Hi folks, the above is the physical setup of my network

Server in Windows AS 2000 and runs DNS, WINS and acts as router through to
internet for the rest of internal network.

I am trying to configure VPN but am a loss as to how to set it up with the
above HW config. The ADSL modem supports VPN passthrough, however I think
that my problem is something to do with static routes. I can ping the modem
from across net, but connection attempts just fail, I am pretty sure that
VPN connection attempt is not getting from Modem to NIC2 but how to check
for this?



Tom Turck

One thing to consider is the serial WAN technology DSL.
It is relatively easy for a service provider to filter IP
packets based on various parameters including port,
protocol and packet size. Every router is capable of
doing this.

One thing I have seen a lot with DSL in the states is the
packet mtu on dsl is smaller than the standard IP packet
of the internet (1500 bytes). MTU can be tested with ping:

Ping <computer name or IP address> -f -l 1472

1472 = 1500bytes on Microsoft TCP/IP, for some reason
Microsotft TCP/IP adds 28 bytes to each packet. If you
get a fragmentation message try working the ping backwards
in size till you get a response.


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