User wont auto login to mapped drives



I just built a new computer with a fresh install of XP. I've been able to
setup everything just fine except the mapped network drives. The first user
I made works perfectly because every time that user logs in it will
automatically connect to the drives and login. Other users will only connect
but still require username and password

Even if I *copy* that user account that works fine or try to make a new user
account (recreate the mapped drives and setup the user/pass and option to
automatically reconnect) none of them will automatically login. It's
frustrating because I created the first user that will automatically log in
just fine and I'm not doing anything different. I'm especially confused at
why it wont work when I copy the user account to another profile. It should
work but it doesn't.



I would suggest using a batch file. This could be local and per-user, but a
better arranement is to call it from the netlogon share of the server.

Typical command:
net use H: \\servername\sharename /yes

Using 'remembered' mappings raises two problems, one after a year or two you
will have no idea what mappings are on each computer. Change anything on the
server and chaos will result, Two, they are not very reliable as you've found


The problem isn't that the mapped drives aren't remembered. It's the
username and password that is not remembered so I have to login each time
the computer reboots or someone logs off/on.

We have 3 mapped drives
V, W and X (these are literally the drive letters we use)

The username and password is the same for all, since it's just accessing
different folders on the same server.

Unless there is a way to setup a username and password in that batch file I
don't see how it will help me.


I should probably add that our server is linux.

So far I've tried something like
NET USER myname
NET Password

But It ended up saying it couldn't find the user and such.

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