Trouble with MAP DRIVES


Juan Alonso

Good afternoon.

I am having a problem with my mapped drives.

They show under My Computer, but my programs will say ACCESS DENIED INVALID

I get this on any Windows XP machine.

We have a Novell Network 3.12 on a PowerEdge Server where we keep our data.

The windows user just logs in, runs programs that read and write data to the
Novell server.

I thought it was a Windows/Novell conflict, but I have a windows xp machine
that I also keep data in.

It is the machine I use to write code on. It sits behind me and I have a
mapped drive to it also.

This happens until I click the drive letter in My Computer and then it has

Why is WindowsXP not staying connected with the mapped drive, but yet I can
log it out of Novell and it can re-log itself in just fine.

So staying connected is not a problem just for some reason it looses
connection with the mapped drives????

Anyone out there know what I should check???

Thank you,





This is incredibly old server software, amazing to see that such systems are
still in use today!

That said, if it does what's required then why change it, especially if a
replacement might introduce a whole raft of new problems.

Basically you shouldn't have any conflicts so long as you use the Microsoft
Netware client. I wouldn't try installing the NetWare 3.12 native client as
it wasn't designed for 32-bit systems (let alone 64-bit!) You could use
Novell's Client 32 for Netware 4, but IMHO you are better sticking with the
inbuilt XP client.

As for your connectivity issue, check LAN card powersave:



Juan Alonso

Thank you for the information.

I will see if the power-save is off on the cards.

Also I wanted to add that we do use, on some systems, the Novell 32bit
Client for Windows XP and it works good.

No matter wich one I am useing it does the same thing so I am going with the
card problem first.

I will post my results here for all to read.

Again, thanks Anteaus.


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