Unmatched and Unchanged files



I have published a website using Frontpage 2003. I made a change to some of
the pages and tried to publish again using Frontpage. I went to File,
Publish Site, clicked on Local to Remote and then clicked on Publish Web
Site. It started but then stopped and said there was a problem with local
files and remote files being different. I clicked on overwrite and then I
received the following message:
"Cannot create folder _vti_cnt.
My local and remote folder is showing unmatched and unchanged files. How do
I get my website republished to include my updates? Please help me. I am a
new user.




You need to make sure that you have not reach your hard drive capacity on
your server.

Some ISP providers have a limit of allocated hard drive space depending on
which package that you signed up for.

If you reach this limit, then the publishing process will cease since
Frontpage does not know what your agreement with your ISP is. It assumes
that it can publish the entire site, but when it reaches the allocated
amount, your ISP then denies any more date to be uploaded.

When updating a website for changes is when this type of problem can occur.

One way to test this is, if you can, delete unwanted files, folders or
photos to free up space and then try to publish again.

Rememeber to backup before deleting anything.

Prior to deleting anything, you can also call your ISP to confirm your
allocated hard drive space and also ask them if you have reach this
Now they will try to upgrade you to the next package if they can or you can
weed out unnecessay files to free up space.

If space is not the issue, then repost and then it can be re-analized for
what else it could be.

Hope this help...

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