unable to get WinXP desktop after installing Service Pack 2



I'm not sure if this is the right forum to ask for assistance. If not,
please suggest the appropriate newsgroup.


I just downloaded service pack 2 for Microsoft WindowsXP Home Edition. The
platform is a HP Pavilion ze1230 notebook computer. Prior to updating the
O/S, it did not have any service pack updates. The notebook was becoming
very unreliable with hang ups, system errors, etc. I tried current spyware
and antivirus applets thinking that this was the cause of my problems
(neither was installed until recently).

It took several attempts (via a DSL internet connection) to download the
Service Pack 2; it would download a few megabytes of data and then appear to
stop, causing me to cancel the process and re-start.

My system now boot up to a blank desktop; a blue background with the HP logo
located at the top right corner of the window. I had to force power down
(using the power button), but when it boots, the blue screen with HP logo
appears. I tried going to the SAFE mode, which appears to work OK. I then
re-started the O/S from the SAFE mode, but again, got the same empty screen.

Would very much appreciate anyone's prompt response and solution.




Gary G. Little

Yeah, wrong forum. This is for discussions about getting software, mostly
device drivers, certified by Microsoft.

My first thought would be to scrap whatever it is you have downloaded and
try it again until you get a clean load. In this case it looks like
something went bump in the night and you tried installing a corrupted
service pack. I know that on XP Pro, service packs are loaded and installed
via Microsoft's Automatic Upgrades, which I would suggest turning on.

Boot to SafeMode again and run System Restore to a check point prior to your
aborted effort to install SP2. If Home doesn't have SR then boot the install
CD and try to do a repair, or simply install again, which is most likely
what you are about to do. Once you have a clean XP Home system that boots,
and you have your AV software functional, use Windows Update to update your
installation. WU will bring you up to the latest, including SP2.

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