Umax Astra 1200S Problem


Dave Wilson

Can anyone offer any help with this problem? I have a Umax
Astra 1200S scanner attached to an Adapted SCSI card. This
setup worked beautifully on Windows 98 but, since
upgrading to XP, I am unable to scan. The scanner is
detected by XP and should, apparently, work out of the
box. It passes the control panel diagnostic test (the
scanner does operate during this) but will not scan when I
use the Twain driver either from Photoshop or using
Windows inbuilt scanner software. No errors are reported
but the scanner just does nothing and I am returned a
black rectangle.
How do I get my scanner working again?

Thanks in advance,

Dave Wilson


I have the same setup and the only way I could get it to work is with the
updated Umax drivers for XP.

If they aren't on Umax's US site, check the German or UK sites, as I believe
that's where I got them from.

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