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I installed Windows XP on my computer. I have a Umax Astra 2200 usb scanner.
When I connected it to the computer it installs and says it is working
properly. But when I try to scan the Wizard works, but the scanner will not
scan. I would like to keep using this scanner. Can some one help me with this
problem. The scanner worked great with 98SE. Thanks


I would almost think that it would be a driver issue. I would go to the
manufacturers site and see if there are any update or other software you
could use.

Nathan McNulty

LOL, when you get three different poeple asking if you installed the
drivers, that makes a pretty solid answer :)

Do note that there is a KB Article just for this device:;EN-US;Q315925

It basically tells you to go here and install the latest updates which
happens to be a simple patch for XP. The drivers/software cannot be
downloaded and must be installed on XP. Then install this update:


UMAX charges $15 for XP drivers on CD and does not provide a downloadable
driver option. Yes, I paid $15 for the XP drivers and I have the CD, and no,
it does not solve the problem. ( I have a UMAX Astra 3400 )

Initially device mgr showed a bang on the "USB Scanner" device. I inserted
the CD with XP drivers, and had Windows scan the CD for drivers. It found
one - digitally unsigned of course with a big red dialog box. I installed

Now device mgr shows under Imaging Devices a device with no bang it named
"UMAX Astra 3400" So far so good. It even showed up in the Cameras and
Scanners box. The properties box reports "this device is working properly"
but Status = Unavailable.

If I go to Windows Fax and Scan and click on New Scan, this dialog appears:

No Scanners were detected blah...
Make sure it's plugged in and turned on blah...
If you have trouble go to Troubleshooting or Help

So how do you get a device that is working properly but unavailable to be
recognized by Fax and Scan? ---Carl.


Oops. This is on Windows Vista RTM not XP -- the scanner worked fine in XP
and I thought I was posting this to the Vista newsgroup. apologies all
around -- but an answer would be great also. :)

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