Astra Scanner Compatability



Hello. I have a technical problem with the scanner I
have hooked up to my computer. The computer is a P4,
5.12 MB DDR SDRAM, 120 GB hard drive with Windows XP as
my OS. My scanner is an Umax Astra 610P. While the
scanner drivers are apparently incompatable with Windows
XP, I was able to install the hardware using the Umax
help center. However, when I try to use the scanner with
Photoshop 7, I get the following error messages:

1. The computer cannot detect the scanner or camera.
Please make sure the device is turned on and is properly
connected to the computer.

2. Could not open the TWAIN source. Make sure there
is a valid source for your scanner in the TWAIN directory
found in the Windows directory.

As I mentioned, the scanner is installed properly (to the
best of my knowledge, anyway), but I am unsure of where
to find the "Windows directory". Any help you can give
me would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!
-Brendan Sullivan


Happy New Year. I too use the Umax Astra 610 P scanner. Windows XP Pro
supports it without outside drivers. Go To Control Panel > scanners and
cameras > find the manufacturer > find your model > close out the screen.
Windows XP would "forget" that the scanner was installed, I would have to
reinstall it. I found out that if you left the scanner on all the time, the
scanner and printer work perfectly.
Hope this helps.

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