Umax Scanner



I have a scsi scanner that I am using with my WinXP
professional system. It is a Umax SCSI scanner, 1200S,
and I tried the Vistascan software that I purchased from
Umax but was not happy with it, so I went back to WIA,
because the computer recognizes the scanner when I turn
it on after the computer has booted. I have not been
able to descreen the scans, because Vistascan offers
that, but WIA does not. Is there any way I can use the
descreen capability of the scanner, without using the
TWAIN software provided by Umax?

Jason Stevens

No, the built in WIA is very basic and does not offer any advanced features;
there are many different scanners out there so without having specific
drivers there is no way to tell what features a scanner supports. You'll
have to stick with your Umax driver for those features..

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