UMAX Astro 1200S scanner



I recently reformatted my hard drive and installer XP
Pro. I had to purchase new software from UMAX to
reinstall my scanner on XP. I have installted the new
software but cannot get my computer to complete the
connection to the scanner. I called UMAX tech support.
They had me go to the list od devices under My Computer.
There is a device listed as "unkown scanner" and they
told me to delete this scanner. When I tried to delete, I
get a message that I cannot delete because there my be
some files in the bootup files that would be effected.
UMAX said to talk to Microsoft. This is the only way I
have found to try and get this problem solved.


Alvin Brown


The issue is not with MS you need to address that issue
with Umax ok. You have to address it with Umax and not MS


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