Type of Hack/Help with hack....



Okay, I was wondering if you guys can help myself & a family member
who is in desperate need, to the point that a hacker has caused her
(she's 18 years old) to have 2 mini-strokes already since May.

Any help or suggestions that you may have would be greatly appreciated
as we've contacted att who is her home phone & dsl provider, the state
police, etc without any help or ideas.

We know that her computer had 3 keystrokers, 1 keeps coming back, so
we know how they are hacking her computer to get passwords & such. BUT
they are hacking her home phone line. They had hacked her cell phones
but she has since sent them back to the provider & no longer has a
cell phone. They are able to intercept BOTH her incoming & outgoing
calls & are able to change the caller ids (I know the caller id hack
is possible but not completely legal). They are recording the callers
& her/her family members voices & are thus able to perfectly imitate
on the drop of a hat whomever they want. They aren't doing anything
with "malicious intent" par say, it's all just a mind game. They have
called & pretended to be her physician & told her that she has a life
altering illness/disease. They have called/intercepted calls &
pretended to be the police. They intercept her calls to me (and
others) & have complete conversations with her as if they were me but
then later she'll find out I haven't talked to her at all. They can un-
physically 'lay her phone off the hook'. Can they have a hack on her
computer that controls her phone since they are through the same
company? She DOESN'T have a static IP...

The phone company has checked the lines & said there is nothing on the
main phone line. She doesn't have wireless internet & doesn't use any
type of VOIP or internet calling. She's running XP, duh that's why I'm
posting here LOL.

We've tried to see if the phone company can trace the calls to the
actual line that is redirecting her calls but no luck, or so they say.
Is there any program that she can download that will do a reverse

How are they doing the landline phone? I know this may sound silly but
I can't find all the info for it online so I was hoping that maybe if
someone can give me some type of answer & may post it online that it
may help others as well as her.





Leanna wrote:

Comments inline, with snippage:
We know that her computer had 3 keystrokers, 1 keeps coming back, so
we know how they are hacking her computer to get passwords & such.

Back up her data and do a clean install of Windows. It would be wise to have
a professional computer repair shop do this for the family member to 1)
make sure it is done correctly; 2) make sure all Service Packs and updates
are applied; 3) make sure nothing is being installed after the operating
system installation that carries a trojan; 4) scan/examine the backed up
data to make sure it is clean and harmless. A good professional will also
be able to speak to the family member to teach her about secure computing
practices. I don't recommend using a BigComputerStore/GeekSquad type of

http://michaelstevenstech.com/cleanxpinstall.html - Clean Install How-To
http://www.elephantboycomputers.com/page2.html#Reinstalling_Windows - What
you will need on-hand

As for your questions about problems with telephones, contact your local law
enforcement. This has nothing to do with Windows XP and is outside the
scope of the MS newsgroups.


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