TS in admin mode




I have a win 2000 server running TS in admin mode. I have also 2
router/firewall on this network. I can connect to the server from outside the
office via the original router/firewall but not the new one I have
introduced. I know the the new firewall/router is working fine because I can
configure it to connect to client XP machines but not to the domain Win 2000

Is this a limitation of Win 2000 server running TS in admin mode or is there
thing I am doing wrong?

Thanks in advance


Vera Noest [MVP]

No, this problem is not caused by W2K in Remote Admin mode.
Can you ping the server? Can you telnet to port 3389?
Which error message do you get?
Follow the troubleshooting tips here:

186645 - Troubleshooting RDP Client Connection Problems

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