TS apps on 2000 adv server



I recently purchased a new server withWin 2003 SBS only to find out that you
are not able to use Terminal Server in application mode. So I am using the
old server with Win 2000 adv server as the Terminal Server in application
mode. I have 3 users that need to use the TS and they all have XP pro on
their PC or laptops. I added the win 2000 server to the Win 2003 SBS domain
and all was working. It is may understanding that the win 2000 TS you do
not need TSCAL if the client is a win 2000 pro or XP prof. Now the client
are not able to connect. It seems the 120 day grace prior is up but I
thought I did not need any other license?
What else do I need to configure?
Can I have a win 2000 TS with Win 2003 SBS?
Do I need to purchase license and which ones?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.... Thanks in advanced

Vera Noest [MVP]

You've got it *nearly* right, but don't worry, this is easily
solved and without extra costs.

When a W2K Pro or XP Pro client connects to a Windows 2000
Terminal Server, they *do* need a TS license, but you don't have
to buy it. These clients get a free TS CAL from the TS Licensing
Server, as soon as it is installed and activated. The TS Licensing
Server comes with an unlimited, built-in pool of these free

So the only thing you have to do is to install TS Licensing on
your SBS 2003 server (add the Windows component TS Licensing), and
activate it. Your W2K TS will automatically detect the LS, since
it runs on your DC, and will start to issue TS CALs to your


I just activated the 2003 SBS and can see it from the 2000 TS. I'll ask a
user to test it.

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