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I have a server running W2K SBS and a 2nd W2K member server. The SBS server
is a TS Licensing, and the member is the TS server. Due to growth, I am
planning a parrallel migration from SBS to Full 2003 products. Accounts /
Mailboxes will transfered using ADMT2, etc...

How can I migrate the TS server from the existing domain to the new one ?

As it is a member server, can I just drop it into a workgroup and then join
the new domain ? - If so, how does the licensing work ?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Vera Noest [MVP]

Are you going to upgrade your TS to 2003 as well?
Just join the new domain, I don't think that you have to go through
a workgroup stage at all.
You'll have to install and activate a 2003 TS Licensing Server in
the domain. A 2003 LS can handle both W2K and 2003 TS CALs.

If you upgrade your TS to 2003, you will have to buy and install a
2003 TS CAL for every connecting client or users (no "free" TS CALs
for W2K Pro or XP Pro clients).

Windows Server 2003 Pricing and Licensing FAQ


Thanks for your response...

I was planning on leaving the server as W2K, as the server / TS sessions are
running a specialist program that would need 3rd party interaction.

Would I need to contact MS Licensing to re-register the TS CAL's ?
Or is there a way to tranfer the licenses without contacting MS ?

Thnx again !


Don't forget that you'll have to address the migration of user profiles, as
users logging onto a new domain with new accounts will receive a new user
profile, generated from the Default User Profile.

Patrick Rouse
Microsoft MVP - Terminal Server

Vera Noest [MVP]

You will have to phone the Clearinghouse to get your licenses re-
issued for installment on the new Licensing Server.

Microsofts Terminal Services FAQ at

Q. How do I move my licenses from one licensing server to another?

291795 - HOW TO: Locate a Phone Number for the Microsoft

Vera Noest
MCSE, CCEA, Microsoft MVP - Terminal Server
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