Migration of TS Licensing Server


Teo Chee Yang

I am going to migrate the TS Licensing Server from NT4
domain to Win2K3 domain. Is there any thing that I should
be aware of? Will there be any impact to the licensing
database once I've migrated it to the new domain?

Matthew Harris [MVP]

Have sure your Windows 2003 TS licensing server is
activated and has TSCALs installed. Also, be sure that
the terminal server can correctly connect to the license


Teo Chee Yang

I'm using Win2K TS Licensing Server and so far the it has
been working well. Now, since we're doing migration, we
want to migrate this TS licensing server from NT4 domain
to Win2K3 domain. I just want to find out what's the
necessary steps we have to do to have a successful

Vera Noest [MVP]

The basic steps are:

1. install the TS Licensing service on one of your Domain
2. De-activate the old LS
3. Activate your new LS
4. Phone the Clearinghouse and get your licenses re-issued.
5. Install the re-issued licenses
6. Verify that the TS finds the LS
7. If the TS does not find the new LS because you hardcoded the
address of the old LS into the registry, remove the registry entry

306578 - HOW TO: Deactivate or Reactivate a License Server Using
Terminal Services Licensing

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