TS Licensing problem



Using the following architecture:
- One NT4 Server (SP6) as Primary Domain Controller
- One Windows 2000 Server (SP3) as standard server with Terminal Server
- One Windows 2000-Pro workstation as remote desktop client
- One Windows XP-Pro SP2 as remote desktop client

Software licences: 99 users on the NT4 and 20 users Client Access Licences
for the W2000 server.

My first test installation has been done using a Windows 2000 SP2 server.
The terminal licensing server was NOT activated:
everything went fine, remote connections OK for both clients.
naturally, I got the 90 days limitation problem, but when I read Microsoft
TS licensing info, they write about the FREE access to TS when the remote
client is a W2000 and/or XP-Pro (the "newest" MS platforms) .
So I did the upgrade from SP2 to SP3 and also the TS activation.
It has been properly activated... but when I try to connect from my remote
clients, I get the "infamous" message "The client could not connect to the
remote computer"!

What did I do wrong ? What is the exact position on Microsoft about these
remote clients ? Should I buy (again) additionals TS CALs, and when yes, is
it absolutely sure that this TS will finally works ?

For information, I repeated the same procedure on another test machine with
W2000 Server SP3, TS not activated... and it's OK, the client's certificates
are placed in a temporary folder in TS licensing server.
The last step will be to activate this test machine and check if the clients
have still connection and now are NO MORE in "temporary" folder ???

Many thanks to help me in this issue.

Vera Noest [MVP]

W2K Pro and XP Pro clients that connect to a W2K terminal Server
*do* get a free TS CAL, but this TS CAL is *not* included in the
client OS. Instead, they receive a free TS CAL from the built-in
pool of "Existing Windows 2000 Per Device TS CAL tokens" on the TS
Licensing Server. That's why you have to install and activate a TS
Licensing Server. But you don't have to buy or install TS CALs on
it for these clients.

When connecting to a 2003 Terminal Server, *all* clients need a
purchased TS CAL. There is no free TS CAL for W2K Pro or XP Pro
clients connecting to a 2003 TS.

Check the EventLog on the Terminal Server to see the cause of the
problem. Check if the TS can locate the Licensing Server.
Vera Noest
MCSE, CCEA, Microsoft MVP - Terminal Server
TS troubleshooting: http://ts.veranoest.net
___ please respond in newsgroup, NOT by private email ___


Thanks Vera,

Once again, my final configuration is a Windows 2000 TS in a domain
controlled by an NT4 Server (no Active Directory). Remote clients are all
W2000 or XP-PRO machines.
If I understand what you wrote, these free TS CALs are delivered ONLY when
the W2000 Server is configurated as a "per seat" server ? When setup in
default mode (per user, 5 included), the TS CAL must be purchased, no matter
of the remote client's OS ?

In my case, I have a 20 users Windows 2000 CAL. Do I can change the
licencing mode of the 2000 Server (from "per user" to "per seat") and then my
client's remote access problem will be solved ?

Thanks for all and kind regards.

Vera Noest [MVP]

You are mixing requirements for CALs and TS CALs!
These are two completely different types of licenses, with
different requirements.

Everything that I wrote in my previous post applies to TS CALs, not
to CALs!

About CAL requirements: you are mixing W2K and 2003 terminology: it
is *impossible* to configure a W2K server as you write:
default mode (per user, 5 included)
Per User mode was not invented yet when the W2K OS was released. In
stead, the choice is between "Per Seat" or "Per Server".
What you choose here applies only to normal CALs, and has no
bearing on TS CALs.

So to sum it up:
* all clients need a CAL
* all clients need a TS CAL
* W2K and XP Pro clients get a free TS CAL from the TS Licensing

Vera Noest
MCSE, CCEA, Microsoft MVP - Terminal Server
TS troubleshooting: http://ts.veranoest.net
___ please respond in newsgroup, NOT by private email ___


Sorry for the confusion between "per seat" and "per server" Vera,

but still: in this case, I don't see why my activated W2000 TS server does't
allow remote clients to connect (the message "The client could not connect to
the remote computer. Remote connections might not be enabled..."
Remote clients are W2000 Pro and XP-Pro machines.

Sorry for my english, but it wasn't my intention to mix up CALs and TS CALs!
For me, it's clear that CALs are only related to the clients using the
server. That is, one license is required for each using this server.
The only problem is: why do the remote clients not receive a TS CAL from TS
Also deleting the "MSLicensing" registry key by the clients doesn't help!

Vera Noest [MVP]

Check the EventLog on the TS to see the reason.
I can think of several possibilities:
* maybe you have not enough CALs ( I understand that 5 CALs where
included with the OS. How about the 20 CAL pack? Did you register
them on the server? And is the server OS in Per Seat or Per Server
mode? You can check this in the Licensing applet in Control Panel).

* check if the Terminal Server can locate the TS Licensing Server

Please post the EventID and Source from the EventLog here, if you
need more assistance.
Vera Noest
MCSE, CCEA, Microsoft MVP - Terminal Server
TS troubleshooting: http://ts.veranoest.net
___ please respond in newsgroup, NOT by private email ___

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