TS Client Printers?


Kevin Nickson

I am an avid Citrix MetaFrame user and have been tasked
to get rid of Citrix and use TS exclusively. Printing in
Citrix is no bowl of cherries, but compared to TS, it's
very simple. I can't figure out how to connect client
printers automatically? I believe I have to add the
printer driver for each client to my server? In Citrix,
printers are auto-created, as long as the driver is
recognized by the OS. In TS, will I have to manually add
each person's printer? We are providing a very
customized application to thousands of users throughout
the U.S. and this could be very cumbersome. Please help.

Matthew Harris [MVP]

Since Citrix is only an addon to terminal services, the
underlying functionality that you were used to is still
there, even if you don't use Citrix.

Windows 2000 will autocreate client printers for you, all
you need to do is have a suitable driver on the terminal
server. Since you are familiar with Citrix, you are most
likely familiar with the practice of not loading printer
drivers onto the terminal server, since many third party
drivers can cause system instability.

As long as there is a suitable driver and the terminal
server knows to use it, things will all be accomplished

Check out this article about how to force the terminal
server to use certain drivers for certain client printers:



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