Terminal server cannot issue a client license. (ID 1004)



I have an activated terminal services license server
running on your DC.

Can you verify that the license server is issuing licenses
to your clients?

In the TS Licensing MMC, the license server does not show
any issued licenses to my clients but I currently have
five users logging and working in Citrix.

In the Citrix Management Console, I can verify 5 licenses
in the pool are in use.

Citrix recognizes these 5 licenese but TS does not.

I think that's why I got the error message. How do I fix

Matthew Harris [MVP]

If you open up the TS licensing program, it should tell
you what clients have been issued a temporary license and
which ones have been given a permanent license.

Do realize that Citrix licensing is different than
Microsoft TS licensing. If you have Citrix running, you
must have licenses for Citrix, as well as TSCALs for your
terminal services and CALs for the operating system.

Have you install TSCALs into your TS licensing server?



I totally understand your message and yes, the TSCALs have
been installed and activated on the TS licensing server
which is hosted by one of the DCs in the domain. My
concern here is I don't see the number of licenses being
issued. If I have 5 Citrix users right now, then I should
see 5 issued licenses in the TS License window.

Matthew Harris [MVP]

What OSes are being used by those clients? Are they
having trouble connecting? You mentioned an error message
in your first post...can you elaborate a little bit?



"Marsha called this morning and advised that the 5 test
users could not sign in this morning. She stated that
they would click on their published apps icons and nothing
would happen. I then checked for active sessions in both
the Citrix MMC and Terminal Services Manager and found no
active sessions for them. I then had them refresh their
Citrix Program Neighborhood and right click the icons and
open them and all was OK."

I checked the terminal server with Citrix and I got the
following error message:

The terminal server cannot issue a client license.

The clients are on W2k SP3. They were having trouble
connecting but not any more. Please refer to the first

I believe that the TS licensing should display 5 issued
licenses and I just can't figure out why it's not.

Matthew Harris [MVP]

Ok...since we know that the terminal server can contact
the termina services licensing server, then we know the
problem is elsewhere...

On those clients, can you delete/rename the MSLicensing
registry key? See if that helps any...

What service pack level is the server at?



How do I delete the MSLicensing key?

The Terminal Server/Citrix is on SP3 and the TS licensing
server is on SP2.

Matthew Harris [MVP]

Go to the client and start regedit. Search in the
registry for the MSLicensing key and then delete it.

I would highly recommend you update your service packs,
especially the srvice pack level of the TS licensing
server. SP3 had a bunch of TS licensing fixes, some of
which may greatly help you out...especially this one:


You should install this fix (or SP3 or higher) and then
call the Microsoft Clearinghouse to get those licenses


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