WBT's Issued with Temporary TS License



Hi there,

I am experiencing an issue where my Compaq T30 thin clients have been allocated a temporary TS license even though we have a number of permanent ones available. Reimaging/reseting the thin client does not make it drop the temp license.

The enviroment is all Windows 2000 Sp4 with current hotfixes. License Server is on a DC. We use Citrix as the primary means of connection. Eventlogs on Citrix boxes report the event id: 1004 - The terminal Server cannont issue a client license. This has only started happening since February (ie, these terminals worked fine for the 9 months we had them prior to Feb).

I have seen a fair bit of comentary on the net regarding WBT's and TS licensing being a problem, but nothing stating how to fix. Any ideas?



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