Event 1004: The terminal server cannot issue a client license



Ok, did some searching and of course about 3000 articles came up on the
topic but I only had a limited time for reading. If anyone can point
me in the right direction it will save me a bunch of reading in the
morning that I was hoping to use for other things.

Here's the situation:

Client is Windows 2000 Pro
Have a new Server 2003 domain that I am rolling out.
My citrix MetaFrame 1.8 box is on the "old" domain.
I'm in a satellite office connected over our WAN (this problem didn't
appear on our LAN).
I have checked/re-checked and triple-checked my IP connection settings.

When I move a user to the "new" domain and re-create all of their
profile settings (including the citrix connection settings), it tries
to connect to the citrix box, fails, and the server records "EventID
1004: The terminal server cannot issue a client access license".

In the login information tab on the citrix client I am still using
their "old" username and old domain name, which has worked just fine
for 10 users on the LAN.

I can ping the citrix box by name and by IP, and the fact that it is
recording the entry in the event viewer makes me fairly confident this
isn't a TCP/IP setting boo boo on my part. Also, If I log the PC back
onto the old domain (even using my new WINS & DNS settings that I am
using for the 2003 domain), I can connect to my published app just

Again, LAN users are fine. This is the third WAN user I have setup
today, 1 worked fine (god knows why), the other two have the exact same

My knowledge of Terminal services and Citrix licensing is amatuer at
best, but this is the first time I haven't been able to fix it myself
with a little reading and poking around.

FYI - I had a virus hit my citrix box last week and had to re-install
the TCP/IP protocol as part of the fix and restart my terminal services
licensing etc.... I'm a little concerned that maybe the virus wiped out
a registry setting or two, but I wouldn't think it would only affect
the WAN users of a "new" domain?

If I had to guess I'd say the terminal server isn't able to issue the
"new domain" user a new CA license? Are the CA licenses domain

Any help narrowing down my search would be GREATLY appreciated, as I
hope to go home tomorrow.

Thanks in advance. Desperate for sleep.............

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