Transfer old Outlook Express .DBX files into Windows Mail


Carol & Ray Reilly

My old XP Pro hard drive died but I had backed up my OE .DBX messages to a
flash drive. When I tried to import them into Windows Mail it doesn's seem
to see them in the folder. I don't have OE on this new computer only the
DBX files. I downloaded a program called Mail Recovery for Outlook Espress
which converted some of the files to "Windows E-Mail Message" files but
Windows Mail still cannot see them in their folder when I try to import
them. I selected Import/Messages/Outlook Express6/Import mail from an OE6
store directory. Then I browsed to the folder holding the DBX and converted
Windows E-Mail Mesages but it couldn't see anything in the folder.

I read the instructions on
but they seem to require Outlook Express be installed on the computer.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advace.


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