Track Changes won't go away!



My computer was updated recently and everytime I open a Word document that
changes were made to, it shows the final markup. On a couple of these
documents, I accepted the changes, clicked the "hide track changes when
opening" and save as Final. Next time I open the document, the final markup
page opens again (although the accepted changes do not show, there are other
markings on the page that indicate it is not the final copy.)

How do I set Word to quit opening on final markup? It's driving me nuts!



Beth Melton

Can you describe the markings you are seeing?

Also, "Hide track changes" and the Final view are your personal preferences
and do not travel with the document. So if a document contained tracked
changes and they are hidden from your view it doesn't mean they will be
hidden if it's opened on another computer. It's because of this you don't
want to stop Word from opening a document and showing you tracked changes
that are present in a document as this will increase the chances of
accidentally sending out a document containing tracked changes.

Beth Melton
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