Track Changes set to FINAL upon opening a document in Word 2007


Adam WF

I'm having a hard time figuring out how to do the following:

I want to save my document with Track Changes still active, so that whenever
someone opens the document, the Track Change view is set to FINAL (without

That's it. Every time anyone opens my doc now, it displays the markup (FINAL
SHOWING MARKUP), unless I accept the change or turn off Track Changes. I
don't want that. I want to keep Track Changes going, but I want it to be
running invisibly. Instead, the markup reappears each time the doc is opened.
Please tell me there's a simple way to make this happen.



Lene Fredborg

A document that contains tracked changes will appear with visible changes if
the user who opens the document has the setting “Make Hidden Markup Visible
when Opening or Saving†turned on (which it is by default). In Word 2003, you
will find the setting here: Tools > Options > Security tab. In case of Word
2007: Office button > Word Options > Trust Center category > Trust Center
Settings button. In the dialog box that opens, click Privacy Options.

To change this, each user must turn off that setting. However, if users turn
off the setting, they risk distributing documents with tracked changes
without being aware of it.

If you want to prevent changes from being shown to other users, you could
save a copy of the document, accept all changes in the copy and distribute
the “clean†copy.

Lene Fredborg - Microsoft MVP (Word)
DocTools - Denmark
Document automation - add-ins, macros and templates for Microsoft Word


If you *really* want to do it:

Go to Word Options> Trust Center & click the Trust Center Settings button.

Then select Privacy Options & remove the check on "Make hidden markup
visible when opening or saving".

Just be aware that *anyone* who receives a copy of the document will still
be able to reveal the changes & comments if they choose to do so.

Good Luck |:>)
Bob Jones
[MVP] Office:Mac

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Gordon Bentley-Mix on

At the risk of copping flak for even making the suggestion...

In addition to the information already provided, there is another possible
solution. You _could_ put an AutoOpen macro into your document which would
set the view to 'Final' automatically when the document is opened. However,
then you face a different problem: convincing anyone else who opens the
document that it's OK to run the macro.

Gordon Bentley-Mix
Word MVP

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