Word 2007 track changes "final" v. "final showing markup"



When I am working in a document where track changes has been turned on, and I
turn off the track changes, the document still opens in "final showing
markup" instead of "final." I want the document to open in "final" form. Is
there a way to do that?



Stefan Blom

By default, any markup is always made visible when you open a document in
Word. This is a privacy setting, so that you don't inadvertently send the
file to someone else, forgetting about the markup. You can turn the setting
off, but only for your machine (you can't control what others see if they
open the document).

To prevent Word from showing markup by default, do the following: Click
Office button | Word Options. In the Trust Center category, click Trust
Center Settings. Click Privacy Options. Clear "Make hidden markup visible
when opening or saving." Click OK twice.

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