urgent help needed - how to turn off final showing markup




I am desperate to find out the way to turn off the "Final showing markup" in
my word document. I use word 03 and made the changes and am ready to hand it
in to my client. What happen was when the document was open, it's still in
the state of "Final showing markup" when i clearly ticked off "Accept all the
changes". Hence, it's an embarassment to show all the markup to the client.
What did i do wrong here? why is it still in "final showing markup" mode
everytime i open the document, in spite of having accepted all the changes?

Your help would be greatly appreciated



Idaho Word Man

As long as you have your "Reviewing" toolbar showing, one of those four
options will be visible. If you have accepted all changes and turned off the
change tracking, you should be fine.

To double-check, click on the arrow that navigates to the next tracked
change. You should get a message that says "This document contains no
comments or tracked changes." If it says that, you're OK.

I hope this helps.


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