The print spooler will not run



The Windows XP print spooler will not run. We receive System event logs with
ID 7031 "The Print Spooler service terminated unexpectedly". This started
after removing an HP laserjet print driver and uninstalling a citrix web

We have already did the following:

* the print spooler is set to start automatically
* Its only dependency RPC is already started and running
* we have removed all of the installed printers and we also removed all of
the contents from the "C:\WINDOWS\system32 \spool\PRINTERS" directory
* we have replaced the spoolsv.exe file with one from the xp install media
* we have ran System file checker]
* performed a System restore
* set the print spooler service to restart after a failure

After all of that the service still will not run. Any help would be greatly

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