All my printers have gone :(




I was contacted because all the printers on a users PC have gone and they are unable to add more. I have tried to carry out the following fixes:

1. Start/Restart Print Spooler Service (via services.msc)
2. Used CMD with the command "NET START SPOOLER"
3. Checked for malware (1 trojan found 7 removed)
4. used CMD "SFC /scannow" after pointing it to the dllcache (still requests windows disk)

Before trying these fixes, the print spooler was not running. Now it is running but I receive a different error when trying to add printers. The way is see it, I have a few more options:

1. SFC /SCANNOW (with windows sp3 disk)
2. System Restore
3. Reformat

Does anybody have any other ideas?


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