Print Spooler Subsystem Error



Using Windows XP on both our desktop unit and our laptop. Also using a
wireless router. Both systems have been able to print to the HP DeskJet
that was directly connected to the desktop system.

Just bought a new HP DeskJet D2680 and installed it on the desktop unit.
Successfully added the printer to the laptop. When trying to print from the
laptop, the message we get is that the Spooler subsystem app has encountered
a problem and needs to close. Nothing seems to fix this problem.

We attached the HP DeskJet directly to the laptop and it prints just fine.
Cannot seem to fix the Spooler subsystem error.

Anyone know how to fix this problem?

Alan Morris [MSFT]

Most likely the new print drivers are corrupting the spooler process memory
causing the abnormal termination or a conflict between the older HP drivers
and the newer drivers.

See if there is a newer driver for the old printer.

Alan Morris
Windows Printing Team
Search the Microsoft Knowledge Base here:

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I actually deleted the old printer before installing the new printer.
Would that have also deleted the drivers for the old printer? If not, where
would I find those drivers for the old printer so that I can delete them?

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