Spooler Subsystem Application Problem



I keep getting a message "Spooler Subsystem App has encountered a problem and
needs to close." No error code is provided. I have Done a virus scan
(PC-cillin) with no problems identified. I have done a restore back prior to
problem and I have done a Windows XP Home Sp2 reinstall. I still have the
problem. Both attached printers are HPs (Laser 1012 & Deskjet 820cse) via
USB -- both are recognized by the system but can't print because the Spooler
is not operating.

Any suggestions on where I go from here?


Thanks Cari, but after I returned to normal operations i got the same
message. Some where I've got a program conflict and I can't seem to identify
what it is. What programs other than the printers use the spooler system?

Cari \(MS-MVP\)

Nothing... unless you have Adobe Acrobat (full version) installed or
(perhaps, not sure... Hal will help me on this one...) Microsoft Fax.

Try a complete blitz on the printer drivers...

Ensure after rebooting, that you have the very latest drivers for your
printers from the manufacturers' websites.


Sorry if i'm intruding but I have been following all threads in this and
related discussions as I still have the same problem. Blitzed the spooler.
Removed Adobe Acrobat. Followed all instructions on Microsoft database. I
still cannot install hp laserjet 1300 printer with current drivers. The XP
version I originally installed was the Upgrade to Xp... then I installed
SP2. The printer was installed and functioned on Windows 98 before the
upgrade... since the upgrade it doesn't work. The blitz spooler page states
the failure to uninstall before upgrading is an obvious mistake... but
doesn't the blitz correct that? The odd thing is that I also have an hp 7350
that will install with no problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Steve S

Still stuck in "Spooler subsystem App" hell!

Cari, thanks for the advice, but you should have said, "this might be the
solution", instead of "this is the solution".

I will try the PCHELL.COM link that funkscs suggested to see if that
document gives me a clue for a resolution. Maybe it is an old DLL.

Yesterday, I spent about three hours trying to fix this problem. Of many
things that I tried were the Microsoft 324757 and 810894 articles that
addressed the infamous "Spooler subsystem app" error message. After the
registry changes, file deletions, etc. listed in the Microsoft documents,
get the error when the computer is rebooted. To manually restart the
spooler, or in some cases, stop, then restart the spooler works to print,
but something users should not have to do everyday or more frequent. . . .

I will have to look into the possibility of whether the OS was upgraded or
not. If it was one of my work computers, reformat and re-image would be the
ideal fix, but it is for a new commercial client, that can not deal with the
re-install of all software. Yuck!

Thanks for any other suggestions.



Hi Steve,

you can additionally check the following:
- netsupport manager installed ? (->uninstall temporary)
- check registry key
and delete content if one exists
- "data executing prevention" enabled on new 64 bit processors ?

to examine why the spooler dies, more information is needed.
You can use good old Dr.Watson to gather information. Start it with
If no information is shown and nothing is in the logfile-path, start
it again with "drwtsn32 -I".
Another possiblity is to start "ntsd" and attach it to the spooler
with the "-p" option - type "g" when ntsd stops, wait until the next
stop which should be occur when the error arises. Use "k" to show a
stack trace.
It should be possible to detect the module, which causes the error.

Aug 1, 2012
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It is a very common error. And I can assert that HP printer always spoils print spooler work. So, the better solution is to change drivers.... or.... printer :lol:
If you cannot solve this problem, then you are welcome to use the instructions from this website: http://www.printer-spooler.com
I found here very detailed instructions of methods, which are really work. So, you should just try to use one of them.

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