Text boxes in Title Slide Master



When I'm in View/Slide Master I can see one autolayout text box on the master
title slide. Then when i'm in View/Normal and go to insert a new title slide
it defaults to one with the autolayout text box in the right place, but
another one called subtitle underneath that is formatted incorrectly and in
the wrong place, however, when i'm in View/Slide Master I can't see it to
edit it, nor can i find any means of inserting an autolayout subtitle box.
I'm using the powerpoint add-on "Layout" and have this set to "title" to add
a new title slide and "text" to add a new body slide.

Glen Millar


Not sure about the "addin". But sometimes there can be a Title Slide show up
without an actual Title Master. Try going to View| Master| Slide master.
Then, try to add a Title Master by Insert| new Title Master. Does that help?



Glen Millar
Microsoft PPT MVP

Tutorials and PowerPoint animations at

glen at pptworkbench dot com

Please tell us your PowerPoint / Windows version,
whether you are using vba, or
anything else relevant

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