Multiple Text Boxes In A Template


Lee L

I am trying to build a PPT 2003 template with a Title box, a subtitle box,
and another box for the main text area but I cannot figure out how to add the
sub-title box so it can be edited in new slides. No matter what I've tried,
I can't seem to have a slide master with a subtitle box that is able to be
edited when I click "New Slide".

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

David Marcovitz

As John said, you can't create your own slide layouts in 2003. However, you
might get the results you want by using the two-column text layout (if you
don't need that layout for something else). You could manipulate that layout
to move the text areas around and make one of them not bulleted and centered
to act like a subtitle.

There's really no way to do this in 2003. You can in later versions.

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David M. Marcovitz
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