Remove title master subtitle placeholder


Manc Shaun

i am using PowerPoint 2003 and i have a title master from which i have
removed the Subtitle placeholder. whenever i apply the title layout to a
slide the subtitle box reappears, can i get rid of this subtitle placeholder

Lucy Thomson

Hi Manc

The simplest thing to do (IMHO) is drag the placeholder off the master so
that even if it 'reappears' you can't see it :)


Echo S


Plus, if you delete placeholders, sometimes you'll get big white boxes on
the slide where the placeholders should be. Best way around these issues is
to make the font really tiny (1 or 2 pt) and size the placeholder
accordingly, then drag it just off the corner of the slide.

This way it doesn't (much) alter the view in your slide workspace in Normal
editing view.

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