Terminal Server roaming profiles


mike davies

OK, here's the scenario

Terminal servers are runnign W2K SP4 and are members of foresta/domaina,
users currently have local profiles on a server farm of 15 servers (!), we
are in the process of migrating to a new forest/domain so have created the
new forest etc and put in a two way trust, to assist with the migration SID
filtering has been disabled.

Now to try and ease the pain of migration TS profiles are being turned into
roaming terminal server profiles, before migration, if the users logon to a
TS in domainA then they get the roaming profile.
When the user is migrated and this included SIDHistory they no longer get
the roaming profile, we've also created a new user in domainB with the
roaming terminal server attribute set but when they logoff the profile is
not saved, even though we've gone to the extent of adding domainB\user with
full control over their \\servername\sharename\username folder. No GPO is in
place to restrict the creation of roaming profiles either.

The servers will be moved to the new domain at some point or new ones built
to replace the ones currently in production but that is not an essy way
round the issue.

both domains are at Windows 2003 functional level.

There appear to be no errors in the even log being written on either the TS
servers, the servers where the profiles are meant to be saved or the DC's.

Anyone any vague ideas or are we shooting way above what's achievable.

mike davies

No worries we resolved it, just needed to change the folder owner to the
newly migrated ID


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