Roaming Profile message on logon



We have users logging into a W2k3/TS server for ONE and only ONE application.
Each time they login they get 2 profile messages. The first indicates that
the Roaming Profile can not be located and that is followed by a message
indicating that a Local Profile cannot be found and thus a temporary profile
will be used. After they get past these two messages, all seems well. How
can I get rid of these two messages?



Vera Noest [MVP]

Check the EventLog for more specific information about the profile
load / unload error.

Check the path to the roaming profile, as you have defined it in the
user account properties. If you did not define a TS-specific profile,
then the normal desktop profile is used.

Check the permissions on the roaming profile folder and on the C:
\Documents and Settings folder on the Terminal Server.

If none of this solves the problem, install the UPHClean utility:

837115 - Troubleshooting profile unload issues

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