Processing order of user object profile and GPO


Bj?rnar B.


Traditionally I'm used to put things like login script and
roaming profile setting on the profile tab on the user object
in AD, but it's also possible to set this in the GPO.
That brings up the question, what takes precedence here during
logon and what is best practise?

Also, I have a problem when using roaming TS profiles in that
I can't seem to tell the system to only use the server-side
profile and forget about the local profile -- in order to
have the correct icons (which are copied via a kix script
at logon) I have to update both the server and local profile
for it to work.

I was under the impression that when a user logs in to a TS server
it will load the server profile and then, at logout, update it
as long as TS roaming profile is set?

Thank you for any comment.





BJ, In server2003 I found the login script runs better if you place it in
the default gpo under the logon and logoff location.

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