TS profile path setup and process?



We have off-site users that have roaming profiles for their console logins. We are currently experimenting with TS profile paths for when they log in our Citrix environment
We have setup a share on one server for their profiles named TS_Profiles$
On their Users Property TS tab, we have set \\servername\TS_Profiles$\%USERNAME$ for their TS profile path
We have left the share area blank, and when they login, it creates the username folder but nobody can access it. There's no permissions or owner set, can't even remove it after taking ownership
What is the correct procedure for setting up the share area? Create username folders prior their login? With what permissions? Permissions on the share folder itself

How does this TS share profile path process work? When logging into a TS server for the first time, does the server copy the profile stated in the TS profile path to it's local C:\Documents and Settings\%USERNAME%? Then when the user logs out, copies the differences back to TS profile share area

Also, we are using TS/Citrix for application sharing not desktop login. When a user is in a particular application throught TS, tries to save something into Desktop or My Documents, it's saved to their TS profile server Desktop and My Documents which in turn they cannot access. Any way to disable Desktop or My Documents icons from Save As menu or redirect to their client Desktop or My Documents
Thank you for any support

Ron Oglesby [MVP]

Well lets hit these one at a time.
What is the correct procedure for setting up the share area? Create
username folders >prior their login? With >what permissions? Permissions
on the share folder itself?

You can do it eitherway. If you want them to CREATE the folders you have to
make sure they have access at the root directory of the share. on the other
hand you can give them list/read and create the user folder manually then
give them full control of it. Etc, etc there are about a million different
ways to do this.

The profile works just like a normal romaing profile. The local profile (on
the TS server) is created the first time they log in. When the LOGOFF the
profile is copied from the TS box to the shared location. Next time they
login it is copied back down

My Documents and Desktop are part of the Profile. You can use a GPO (in
loopback mode) against the terminal servers to redirect the MY Docs and
Desktop to their Home Dir, (I like my docs redired to the home dir) or to a
network share that they dont have write access too (somethign good for the
Desktop folder)


Ron Oglesby
Terminal Services MVP


Thanks for the reply

Still unclear on the permissions of the share
If the share is on a totally different machine/server/file server, what permissions should the share need and the folders (usernames) have
Is there special permissions for the TS server to access this area (read and write back to logout) other than the username itself?
We have tried leaving the share blank and having Everyone with full control on the share. The TS server creates the username folder, but it doesn't have any security settings or ownership on that folder and below. Thus, noboby can access it anymore
We can create a username folder under the share and give it access to Everyone with full control, but I didn't want everyone to see everyone's TS profiles
How would you set it up given that there's 2 TS servers and a TS share in a different location (not among the TS servers)? With what permissions on the share and on the users folders
Thank you for your input
Greatly appreciated!

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