Terminal users profile



We are having problems with our terminal server users profile. When we set
up a user and give them a terminal server profile they are able to login.
But then afterwards for some reason the user loses ownership of their
terminal server profile and they cannot login to their terminal client. The
local admin of the file server of where the profiles are stored become the
owner of the profile. Nothing has been changed on the terminal server
profiles so any reason why the ownership of the profile would change.

Also if we delete the local stored profiles on the TS the user cannot log on
to the TS and it comes up with access denied. Any clues on this.

We have setup group policy for our terminal servers where we have loopback




I do not know about the first part but I was having the
same problem with the access denied after I deleted a
users locally stored profile. I was able to reboot the
TS and then a new profile was created the next time the
user logged on without an error.

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