Terminal server and deleting local profiles

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We want many terminal server clients who log into our terminal servers.
When they log in their profile gets saved locally. We know do not want
users profiles to be saved locally on the terminal server as it is taking
too much space on the terminal servers, we want users to get their roaming
profiles from our file server where the profiles are saved.

So we have deleted the users local profile from the terminal server and on
the group policy for terminal servers we set to delete cached copies of
roaming profiles. Now when the users log in they get the message: Windows
cannot log you on because the profile cannot be loaded. Detail - Access

We hace checked permissions on the users profile and he has full control on
their profile and ownership, they also have permissions to log onto the
terminal server. Is there any reason why this would happen, and how can we
overcome this. Is this anything to do with profiles.

Matthew Harris [MVP]

If you pre-create the profile for the users, do they still
receive this error message? Do admins also receive this
error message?


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