Terminal server remote printing issue for application



Hi, I have an application that requires the printer be installed in the
program itself but the user is a remote terminal server user so the sesion id
will always change. Is there any way to make the users TS session id static
so we can configure the printer in the application and do not have to do it
each time they log on? Generic / Text Only/GHOST/Session 2 I need the
session id to be static or a variable to be used that the application can go
into and retrieve such as %username% default variable PLEASE HELP!!!!


I have never been able to do this. My workaround is to create a local
printer on the TS boxes, using a local port. This will obviously never
change, and means you set the application data once only.

Often this can have faster spooling on laser printers - so it can pay off
there also.


This only works if the printer and client are on the same network. If the
client is connecing over the Internet there is no way to do this outside of
having the remote office connect over router-to-router VPNs o you can add the
client's printer as a local printer on the termina server.

There is no way to ensure the same session ID, or to not show the session ID
(for autocreated client printers)

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