Temporary internet files



Several days ago the IE stopped storing temporary internet files in the
Content.ie5 folder. "Tools \ Internet options \ Temporary files \ settings \
view files" only shows URLs. What happened?


Rather than something having disappeared, I suspect you're looking in a
different manner than previously. If you're using XP, Windows Explorer
(My Computer) will show only the URLs/pointers/cookies in the main TIF
folder, and will refuse to display or acknowledge Content.IE5 at all,
regardless of your display settings, without extra tweaking.

The simplest way to display Content.IE5 together with its
randomly-named subfolders and the real files they contain is to open
Folders view in My Computer, and click on Temporary Internet Files.
This will put that much of the pathname into the Address bar. Now type
"\content.ie5" immediately following the word "Files", and hit Enter.
Now you will still see the pointers in the main TIF folder, and also
Content.IE5 and its subfolders and the real files that had been
automatically downloaded from every website visited.


I see from a different post of yours that you are running XP, and in a
multi-user environment. XP is very weird this way -- it will happily
display *other* users' Content.IE5 for you, but *not* your own. But
completing the path in the Address bar will display your own folders
and files. Or, you could simply log on as a different user.

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