Temporary Internet Files


Charles Elliott

In the past, every now and then I have noticed cookies and temporary
internet files stored in a subdirectory of R:\Temp, the system's main
temporary directory (pointed to by the environment variable TEMP). They
always had a stale date, so I just deleted them. Now, 11/14/04, there are
cookies and temporary Internet files ( *.gif, *.jpg, *.html, etc.) there
with dates from 11/11/04 to 11/14/04. This is true despite the fact that in
the menu option Tools/Internet Options/General/Settings, the current
location for Temporary Internet Files is still specified as S:\Temporary
Internet Files. Does anybody know why Internet Explorer (IE) would change
the file path for Temporary Internet Files without any warning? Earlier
this morning, I went through the motions of changing the setting for
Temporary Internet Files by "Moving the folder" (back) to S:\Temporary
Internet Files, even though the dialog box already said the files were being
stored there, not in R:\Temp\Temporary Internet Files. I also,
unfortunately, increased the allowed size for these files from 85 to 110 MB.
Now IE is storing the Temporary Internet Files subdirectories of
S:\Temporary Internet Files\Temporary Internet Files\Temporary Internet
Files\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5, and it has moved the cookies
there too. All the subdirectories are quizical, but not a problem. The
only real problem is why it would move the Temporary Internet Files to
R:\Temp. Does anyone know why IE does this?

Thanks in advance --

Charles Elliott


Don't know why but I noticed the same thing on my system after I upgraded to
Win XP Pro SP2. Before SP2 I had Cookies and History on E:\,Temp Internet
Files on G:\, and the Environmental Variables TMP and TEMP set to point to

After SP2 was installed everything was changed so as to be under the F:\TMP
folder but the originals were still in their old locations. I searched the
registry and everything was still indicated as being in the before SP2
location. Changing location from within IE Properties > Temp Internat Files
Settings > Current Location from F:\Tmp\Temporary Internet Files to
G:\Temporary Internet Files was accepted but never changed.

Other utilities I tried all showed things as being in the before SP2
location but when I inspected the folders from within Explorer (or PowerDesk
Pro) the latest files were in the after SP2 location. I have yet to
determine how or why this happend and how to set things as I want them and
not how XP SP2 changed them.

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