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My PC have problem with Wireless Network.
We have 5 PCs networked wirelessly.
D Link Wireless Modem Configured in this PC. From last week onwards this PC
not connecting or accepting to wireless Network. All Other PCS are working
with wireless Modem.
I tried to Restore to an earlier Date which is 10 th Aug. and after that I
tried to
restore for 15th Aug. That also not working.
Iam using Win XP SP2.
Restore process starts and restarting the System. After that it says it can
not restore to a previous stage.
Please explain how this is happens?



Bert Kinney


Let's see if System Restore will function in Safe Mode.

Boot into Safe Mode and perform a test restore using the following link.

How to starting Windows XP in Safe Mode:

If there are any Norton applications installed, take a look at this page.

Here are some more troubleshooting steps to take when System Restore fails
to restore:

The Event Viewer can sometimes be helpful in tracking down errors.
Using the Event Viewer to troubleshoot System Restore errors:

Bert Kinney MS-MVP Shell/User

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