System restore never works


need help

System Restore problem
I am using Windows XP Pro SP2. My original version prior to SP2 Microsoft's
"System Restore" utility worked as it should. Now the program is periodically
setting its own
Restore Points, as I have programed. It also logs any Restore Point I set
manually. However, EVERY SINGLE TIME I try to revert to a previous Restore
Point, whether it's one I set or one the system automatically set, it NEVER
works. It goes through the entire process as if it's working, including
shutting down and rebooting, and then eventually displays the System Restore
screen, with the message: "Unable to Restore Your Computer to [date of
requested Restore Point, and below that is says, "No changes were made to
your computer." I have the maximum space devoted to the restore for it to
function properly.

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