System Restore



I've been having trouble with Outlook 2003 and attempted a system restore,
however the System Restore window shows only restore dates from December 1,
2009. When I click on the prior month arrow on the calendar, nothing
happens. Restore points have been created in prior months. Where did they
go, how can I get to them, and what changed to make them inaccessible?


Restore points are created on designated space on the drive.
This space is not infinite so when its gets full old restore points
get deleted to make way for new ones.

You can check how much space: Right click "my computer"/properties/
click the system restore tab... click the drive letter and then settings
this shows you the percentage of the drive saved for restore points.
If you make it too larger you use up too much space and save way
too many restore points that would not do you any good.Remember
if say you go back one month..anything installed in that month would be

As for Outlook 2003 try a reinstall into the same directory or if its part
Office try an Office repair...


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