Ronan Casey

Quick question.

I am currently trying to get the SUS service running on my

SUSsp1 installs fine on the server.

but when I load WUAU22 on to any client machines, I
receive an error message: Microsoft Windows Update Auto
Update requires Windows 2000 SP2 or Windows XP.

This error appears on a clinet machine running Windows
2000 SP4. I also attempted to install it on a client
machine running Windows XP pro.

Has anyone ever come across this before and if so can you
tell me if there is a workaround.

Thanks in advance


You dont need to load the client on a machine with SP4, if
you want to test the client edit local group policy,
(click start, run, type in gpedit.msc click ok and then
navigate to Computer Configuration - Administrative
Templates - Windows Components - Windows Update) and point
the client to your update server and set up the update

Eric Wallers

I was getting the same message. If it means that Auto
Update is already installed, then how come I have had
Auto Update working for some time but the GPO Windows
Update does not exist on either of my client boxes (WinXP-
What do I need to do to get the GPO Windows Update on my

Eric Wallers

*I received the following from Microsoft:

The client software is part of Win XP SP1 and Win2K SP3
and above. A separate install of the client is only
required for Win2K SP2 and WinXP. So your machines since
they already have WinXP SP1 the clients are already
installed. There is no need to install clients. Sorry for
the misleading error message.

*I finally found that info on one of the newsgroups, but
my next question is why can't I go into group policies
and find the Windows Update object?
The documentation says it is located in Computer
Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows
Components, but I can't see it and like I pointed out
below, I have all rights.

The group policies exist in a separate file, wuau.adm.
The latest could be downloaded separately from,

* I downloaded the file and went to GP Editor - Computer
Configuration\Administrative Templates right clicked and
added the template. This problem seems to be solved.

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