Using Software Update Services


Ryan Ondrey

I'm trying to get Microsoft SUS working in my domain, I have SUS installed
and running on a server. My problem is when I try to install Windows Update
Automatic Update ver. 2.2 via. WUAU22.msi. It brings up an error message
"Windows Update Automatic Update requires Windows 2000 sp2 or Windows XP".
I get that error on Windows 2000 sp4 and Windows XP sp1 machines alike.
Anyone have any recommendations?


Ryan Ondrey
(e-mail address removed)

Srinivas Samprathi [MSFT]

Automatic Update is part of Win2000 SP4, so you do not need to install
again. You would need to install Automatic Update ver. 2.2 via. WUAU22.msi
only on Win2000 SP2 boxes.

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